Academy of Prisons & Correctional Administration, Vellore

Academy of Prisons & Correctional Administration

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APCA - Main BuildingADMINISTRATIVE BLOCK : The Administrative Block of the Institute with two floors, houses the office of the Director, Deputy Director, Accounts Officer, Ministerial Staff, Visitors Lounge and Stenographer to Director in the ground floor. The 1st floor consists of the A/C  class rooms and rooms for the academic staff.

APCA - LibraryLIBRARY : The Library is well equipped with infrastructural facilities such as the reading hall, magazine stacks, newspaper stands etc. and has over 3600 books from the field of correction and its allied areas viz., Prison Administration, Human Rights, Psychology, Computer Applications, Sociology, Penology, Social Work, Law, Criminology, Management, Research Methodology, Probation and Reports of the various Prison Reform Committees, Manuals etc.

APCA - LibraryIn addition newspapers, periodicals, journals, publications from correctional institutes and allied agencies from foreign countries are being subscribed currently. Some publications from the UN are also received occasionally. Though the main purpose of the library is to provide with relevant materials to the trainee officers the research scholars, academicians and professionals working in the field of corrections can also gain immense benefit.

TRAINEE OFFICERS' HOSTEL : For the accommodation of the regular trainee officers of APCA, a well furnished hostel with 17 single rooms and 9 double rooms are maintained.

SENIOR OFFICERS' HOSTEL : Hostel with 16 bath-attached single rooms and 4 A/C double rooms suitably furnished is adjacent to the trainee officers hostel. Senior officers and those who come for special courses are accommodated here. Altogether APCA has the facility of accommodating about 100 officers at any given point of time.

APCA - Officers' MessOFFICERS' MESS : All the courses conducted by APCA are residential in nature. Hence APCA has a Mess in which about 90 trainee officers can be served with food at a time. The Pharmacy of the institute is also functioning in the same block.


AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENTS : There is a good collection of audio-visuals inclusive of  Photophone Super II 16 mm Projector with speaker, telescopic legs and accessories, colour camera with 12 mm lens and power drive unit, hand-held metal detectors, walk through (Door frame) metal detector, deep search metal detector, heavy duty camera, LCD Projector, OHP with accessories, slide projector, walkie-talkies and accessories. A good collection of video cassettes and 16 mm film enhance the efficiency of the training.

APCA - Guest HouseGUEST HOUSE: APCA has a well-furnished and maintained Guest House with 2 A.C. Suites and four A/C Rooms.

RESEARCH WING : Research works are being undertaken by the APCA. The Research Wing is housed adjacent to the Administrative Block. It also publishes the data relating to prison and correctional administration.

APCA - GymnasiumGYMNASIUM BLOCK : A separate block exclusively for the gymnasium is also part of the infrastructure.
There is a well equipped Computer Training Wing at APCA.


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